Who We Are

Afghan Learning Academy is a nonprofit organization with tax exemption status established by dedicated Afghan professionals to provide educational services for the children of Afghanistan. This organization is the successor to the Afghan Education Foundation (AEF) which was established in 1998 at a time when the educational resources of the country were severely limited and lacking.  With a track record of over 21 years of devoted service helping thousands of students and teachers in Afghanistan. The Academy is dedicated to continuing the mission for many years to come. 

Our very first project in 1998 was to renovate the science lab at Zahir Shahi High School in Kandahar. From that humble beginning, we grew into an organization that completed countless projects and became a trusted partner for many of the local schools and institutions. Below are some of the highlights of what we have done since our inception. 

Academy's activities

  • Printed over 80 academic books with more than 125,000 copies
  • Started the first computer course in Kandahar. This program has since been expanded to all major schools in Kandahar
  • Established a computer course in Asadabad, Wardak province
  • Established computer course for doctors at Ibn-e Sina hospital Kabul
  • Created a science lab and library in Zahir Shahi high school
  • Created libraries in all major schools in Kandahar and one school in Wardak province
  • Established teacher training program and trained more than a thousand teachers over the years
  • At the request of Kandahar University, we purchased and donated the necessary surveying equipment to the civil engineering college so that they could start a surveying class and train civil engineering students
  • At the request of the local department of education, we assisted in the opening of fix primary schools in Kandahar and one school in Wardak province, which we ran for 6 months and then turn them over to the department of education
  • In order to assist the high school student in achieving better college admission scores, we established college entrance exam courses (locally known as the Kankor exam) for the dedicated and hard-working students. This Kankor exam preparation course runs throughout the year and 1200-1500 students are enrolled in it every year
  • Established advanced Pashto language courses
  • Established English language courses
  • And many, many more programs

Our Mission

The educational needs of the country are enormous and the resources are scant. Our mission is to close this gap.

Our work is concentrated in the following areas:


  • Support science and language classes
  • Provide tutoring
  • Provide after-hour schooling
  • Introduce online classes 
  • Support local school boards


  • Publish school books and teaching material
  • Translate scientific books
  • Establish libraries
  • Provide school and library supplies


  • Grant scholarships to bright students for higher education
  • Sponsor poor and needy children to attend school
  • Financially support working children who support their families so that they can attend school full time

Teachers Training:

  • Provide training classes for teachers
  • Financially sponsor and support teachers 

Vocational Training:  

  • Carpentry
  • Plumbing
  • Electrician
  • Solar system installation
  • Tailoring

Physical Training:

  • Support athletic training and education in schools
  • Sponsor school sports teams
  • Provide athletic equipment and uniforms