Computer Training

Most schools in Afghanistan do not have computers or access to the internet. This lack of connectivity isolates the Afghan students from the rest of the world and causes Afghanistan to further fall behind. Afghan Learning Academy has paid special attention to computer literacy in Afghanistan. From the inception, the Academy has opened and operated a number of computer courses in Kabul, Kandahar and Wardak provinces. We are committed to continue  providing computer education to schools.

Schools that have received our assistance in the past:

  • Ahmad Shah Baba High School
  • Kandahar Darul Mualimeen
  • Khalid Bin Walid (Wardag)
  • Malali High School
  • Mirwais Neka High School
  • The office of the Director of Education.
  • Zarghona Ana High School
  • Zahir Shahi High School
Science & Technology

The Academy has provided training and material in the area of science and technology int he following schools:

Science & Technology

The Academy established science labs int eh following schools.

Language Classes

Understanding the importance of the English language in today’s academic world, the Afghan Learning Academy has helped thousands of students learn English. This valuable skill enables students to learn from the vast pool of resources available and to get prepared for a better tomorrow. Some of the students that we have trained are serving in high governmental and private sector positions.

College Entrance Exam Training

The Afghan Learning Academy runs and operates a training program for senior high school students to prepare them for college entrance exam locally known as Kankor exam. We have helped thousands of students prepare for this exam.

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